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E-Prabidhi is a Kathmandu-based leading software development company is in operation since (month),2010. Our core proficiency lies in designing, developing and deploying software solutions as well as integrated mobile solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. We offer simple, secure, transparent and result-driven business solutions to fulfill your business requirements. Along with technology solutions, we are here to provide a long-term strategic bond with our clients by offering further business consultations and solutions.
“Make your smart choice today by choosing E-Prabidhi as your business consultant. “


We believe that sticking to traditional practice of business obstructs your optimum productivity. Hence we consistently work to promote digitalizing business and services.

We believe in integrating your business with the newest technological devices and enable people to access you uniformly beyond the national boundaries by regularly upgrading your system.

We believe in the optimal use of the modern resources and technologies that returns you maximum benefit.

We believe in a combining a team of experts based on their knowledge, capability and intellectual assets.

We believe establishing a modern way of competitive advantage by attracting new customers through the use of authentic, secure and reliable system which is achievable only due to smart choice of technology.

We believethat stronger economy, companies, enterprise and market can be built by bringing manager, customers and suppliers in a single collaboration.


E-Prabidhi was co-founded by a team of young entrepreneurs who are committed towards enhancing your business and service market by incorporating the use of Information technology and communications.

E-Prabidhi is a team of IT experts oriented towards implementing the best of the technology and providing solutions for your business enhancements with the aid of Information technology.

E-Prabidhi has a promising team which is considered as its highest assets; its team comprises of following members:

  • Business Analyst: Our business analysts are great communicators (both written and verbal), possess business insight and have adequate experience.
  • System Analyst: Our system analysts possess years of expertise in the software technology industry and are able to deliver technical reports in quick time.
  • Programmers: We have a team a strong team of programmers who hold passion and creativity in the field of software development.
  • Project manager: Our project managers are well- known for meeting the deadlines for every individual tasks and the project on a whole.
  • QA: To assure the quality of the software, make it bug-free and ready-to-use for our end-users, our QA team puts their full effort and knowledge.
  • UI Designer: E-Prabidhi has skilful interface designers who with the use of most recent tools and techniques design fascinating yet simple to navigate ‘User-Interface’.
  • Digital marketing team: Social media marketing/Digital marketing is the most modern approach to reach to your target customers. Our digital marketing team applies various SEO techniques to make you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • SEO content writer: We have proficient content writers to fulfill SEO techniques and optimize your web-business to its most.

E-Prabidhi’s intellectual team continues its journey towards a parallel growth of enterprises, businesses and services along with the technological advancements in the global market. Investing in technology will certainly reap your success.

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